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30 Things I Learned from Pine to Palm 100 Miler

News flash: 100 miles is a long fu%&ing way. News flash for everyone outside the USA: 100 miles = 160km = a long fu%&ing way. In honour of my first 100 Miler, the Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run, and the things I learned along the way, I present my race report in a […]

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Setting Goals, Reaching Goals, and What Happens Next?

Setting goals, reaching goals…and what happens next? It’s very suitable that this topic could apply to anything. In this case, it’s ultrarunning. But during the course of my training for the Death Race I found life lessons along the way that applied outside the trails. Personal lessons (I can go harder than I think I […]

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First things first. This is a great song to have stuck in your head for a big weekend of running. And what a big weekend it was! I was warned this might be the biggest training weekend of my life. I may have given myself whiplash from rolling my eyes so far back. But I […]

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Commuter Cyclist Soap Operas (and other things I think about when I run)

I’ve learned through ultra training that the time I spend running is no longer motivated by music. As a road runner (and as someone usually training for a shorter race…a 10k or 1/2 marathon), my ipod was my crutch. I could not fathom running without a meticulously planned out playlist, which refreshed and rotated on […]

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Is it the Shoes?

I can’t wait for winter running to be over. This is what my shoes look like today:               After all. Maybe it’s the shoes?  

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Why I’m Training for an Ultramarathon

My motivation is boredom. Let me explain. Since I’ve signed up for an ultramarathon (the 125 km Canadian Death Race), I’ve had many conversations explaining WHAT it is. Yes, 125 km. Yes, 24 hour max time. Yes, 3 mountains. Yes, yes, yes. Very few people get it. Most people think I’m crazy. Which is fine, […]

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