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Expert Race Preperation: Fresh Steps Style

There is an abundance of expert advice when it comes to preparing for a race. Especially when that race is intended to be 100 kilometers in length. In the days leading up to the race – go for short run to loosen the legs, water to stay hydrated, visualize and anticipate how your race will […]

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Rundle’s Revenge – 50km (Ultra #2)

Ultra #2 is now under my belt. And wow, was it different from Ultra #1! By different I mean WAY WAY harder. Rundle’s Revenge is a TransRockies Event held every year at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I participated in half of the event (the first half required mountain bike skills. I’m not afraid to admit […]

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Blackfoot 50km – A Running Mantra

I’m officially an ultrarunner. Before the Blackfoot 50km, I defined success as a finished race. As long as there was not a DNF beside my name, I’d be happy. As long as I left the race course on my own two legs (as opposed to a stretcher…or upside down being dragged by a Moose), I’d […]

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Here Goes Nothing

Tomorrow is my first ultra race. I will be winding and weaving my way through the Blackfoot 50km race near Edmonton and I’m pretty stoked about it. Since getting the idea to run the 2012 Death Race (in December 2011), jumping into training in the middle of Canadian winter (in January 2012) and signing up […]

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Why I’m Training for an Ultramarathon

My motivation is boredom. Let me explain. Since I’ve signed up for an ultramarathon (the 125 km Canadian Death Race), I’ve had many conversations explaining WHAT it is. Yes, 125 km. Yes, 24 hour max time. Yes, 3 mountains. Yes, yes, yes. Very few people get it. Most people think I’m crazy. Which is fine, […]

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