Fresh Steps, Fresh Starts

While January always signals the fresh start of a new year, January of 2013 was an extra super major fresh start for me. A triple threat of sorts: New career, new job, and new hometown. I very happily blog to you direct from the land of panoramic mountain views, ocean air, and sushi galore: Vancouver. In a nutshell, I love it here. The weather is warmer, the world is greener, and there appear to be an endless set of options for trail runs. Plus, you know, I have never had an opportunity to fully test the capabilities of Gore-Tex.


My new Vancouver backyard – UBC Trails

This was not a move I took lightly and in fact, has been a year in the making. And now that I am finally here I realize the past year is like an ultra – I very very very slowly inched my way towards my goal of Vancouver. There were no quick moves, there was no sprinting. A few times along the way, in tears, I was THISCLOSE to throwing in the towel. The good news is I’m here now and unlike an ultra, this finish line is actually just the beginning.
As for running goals – I’ve got a few!

1. Chuckanut 50km:
Every person I’ve talked to has mentioned the last 10k of this race and how much I will suffer. So you know, really looking forward to it. With my move it Vancouver and career change, my running hasn’t been as intense as it could be. Chuckwhuuuuut (waiting for that to catch on…any minute now) will be a reality check for me. I am craving the suffering, and the unofficial kick off to running season.

2. Miwok 100km:
Full disclosure. I entered this race lottery because I really really want to recreate the scene below.  I’m a product of the ’90s, what can I say. Other than that, I’m looking forward to the sweeping views, burning quads, and mental challenge of getting to the finish line.

3. 100 miles:
Location and race TBD. It just seems like the next logical step. I did enter the 2013 Western States lottery thanks to my time at the Death Race, but wasn’t lucky enough to get in. Next year, or the year after, or the year after…

4. Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon:
I’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows at this one – why run on pavement when there are so many glorious trails to explore! Well, let me tell you – I have not attempted a half marathon since I became an ultra runner and I’m really excited to see how (or… if …) my ultra training will affect my half marathon time. I’m kind of scared to actually run at a pace and stick to it! Mostly, I’m a sucker for Lulu running shorts and the entry comes with a pair of signature race-participant-only shorts. AND I get to experience it with a few of my best girls, one of them is running her first half ever and I am so excited to cheer her on.
My new Vancouver front yard

My new Vancouver front yard – the Seawall

I’m going to be in your face with some posting in the near future. And some secret project reveals soon, too. Fresh steps, fresh starts…now time to get out there and run!


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