Injured (Sminjured)

I’ve got a leg injury right now. I’m not sure how it started, but I’m going to guess my three month transition from fairweather runner to ultrarunner-in-training has something to do with it.

I’ve had IMS treatments and dialed back the running considerably. I really miss the head-clearing long runs. More than I expected. In the few months that I’ve gone full-steam-ultra-training, I’ve become addicted.

I am still unsure if my leg will be OK in the long run. I’m getting back on running this week. However, I’ve had a few positives come out of this injury and that’s what I’ll choose to focus on right now.

1. Swimming! On the first day I was told “NO running” a friend forced me out to buy the sexiest ensemble on planet earth – a one-piece swim suit, an alien-ish swim cap, and suction cup swim googles. At least no one can recognize me with that cap on or I’d be building my own private pool (I’m van…I’m working on it). Thankfully swimming laps has become one of my favourite things to do – early in the morning, back and forth, gliding through the water and still getting a workout in to curb insanity. Next step is mastering the flip turn (I practiced this past weekend in a hot tub. Details to come).

2. Time. The hours I’d usually spend driving to the mountains, running in the mountains, going for post-run coffee in the mountains (my favourite thing to do, possibly ever). Without the luxury of weekend runs comes the luxury of sleeping in, brunching with friends, and doing city-things which are not as fulfilling as mountain-things but…take what you can get.


3. Party time. Without the long runs one doesn’t need the early bed time, so I’ve been out a few times with my 4am friends (meaning…the people who I go for dinner with and suddenly…it’s 4am and I’m buying Kraft Dinner at a gas station). Bad for training, good for the soul… on an occasional basis.

4. Relaxation. I managed to get a day-long spa session in. A beautifully sunny day, outdoor hot tub, trail running magazine….admittedly I’d have enjoyed it just as much if it had been after a long run…there was something super chill about literally doing nothing all afternoon. And I didn’t actually stop completely. As mentioned above…the hot tub was a great place to practice my flip turns.
Running resumes this week. The unplanned break was frustrating yes. But surprisingly refreshing.  My fitness is still there. Two weeks in the grand scheme of things is nothing. I can not wait for this summer when I can get out to the mountains with new friends, new trails, and a brand new new running philosophy. In the words of some of the coolest men in the history of the world – You Can’t, You Won’t, & You Don’t Stop. #RIPMCA



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