Running above the Golden Gate – Miwok 2013 Race Report

To recap Miwok 100km race day, let’s start with the ridiculous: my alarm was set for 3:10am. As in, the same time I’ve been known to arrive home after a night of gallivanting. Honestly. Just ridiculous. The positive to waking up at 3:10am was it’s SO early my body was entirely confused as to what […]

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Chuckanut 50km Race Report 2013

This race was a giant lesson in expectation vs. reality. Also a reminder that ultrarunners can exaggerate a tiny, small…very little bit…occasionally The Chuckanut 50km Race takes place every March in Fairhaven, Washington, and is an unofficial kick-off for runners in this area. It’s one of the first spring races and there’s good representation from […]

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Fresh Steps, Fresh Starts

Fresh Steps, Fresh Starts

While January always signals the fresh start of a new year, January of 2013 was an extra super major fresh start for me. A triple threat of sorts: New career, new job, and new hometown. I very happily blog to you direct from the land of panoramic mountain views, ocean air, and sushi galore: Vancouver. […]

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Talking to Ultrarunners

It’s been less than a year since I even found out what an “ultrarunner” is. And now…I am one. I had some moments along the way where I took a mental note of “I need to look that up when I get home” This is for you newbies, or those veterans nodding along like you’ve […]

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Setting Goals, Reaching Goals, and What Happens Next?

Setting goals, reaching goals…and what happens next? It’s very suitable that this topic could apply to anything. In this case, it’s ultrarunning. But during the course of my training for the Death Race I found life lessons along the way that applied outside the trails. Personal lessons (I can go harder than I think I […]

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Canadian Death Race 2012 – Race Report

Ingrid Bergman once said “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.” This sums up the 2012 Canadian Death Race. It’s three days after the race as I write this. The bad memories and muscle aches from extreme suffering are starting to fade. This year was the 13th edition of the mountain ultramarathon in Grande […]

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125km or Bust

24 hours from now the gun will go off at the 2012 North Face Canadian Death Race. And I’ll be at the start line as a soloist, about to take on 125km of mountain running, trail navigating, and mud-avoiding (or…mud-accepting). I have two friends here with me who will be my crew – Laura and […]

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How to run for 8.5 hours (my way)

7am start with coffee and muesli at your favourite coffee shop. Have good friends wake up at ungodly hour to join you. Tour de France is a strong motivator for people to wake up at this time. Reach alleged trail parking lot. Disguise your dread for the task ahead with essential delays: choosing socks, bathroom […]

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Rundle’s Revenge – 50km (Ultra #2)

Ultra #2 is now under my belt. And wow, was it different from Ultra #1! By different I mean WAY WAY harder. Rundle’s Revenge is a TransRockies Event held every year at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I participated in half of the event (the first half required mountain bike skills. I’m not afraid to admit […]

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First things first. This is a great song to have stuck in your head for a big weekend of running. And what a big weekend it was! I was warned this might be the biggest training weekend of my life. I may have given myself whiplash from rolling my eyes so far back. But I […]

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